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Cory Procter

"Tar Heel Leadership has been an incredibly enriching experience. Whether you are a seasoned shepherd or a new pastor, you will gain much through the wisdom and resources provided by Tar Heel. Being able to learn and grow amongst a group of fellow pastors has been incredibly encouraging."

Jonathan Waits

“THL has been a fantastic opportunity to sit at the feet of a handful of excellent teachers who know their stuff because of a lifetime of faithful practice. This endeavor is resulting in a growing cadre of well-trained pastors who will be able to lead their churches with even greater effectiveness."

Michael Bowers

"Tar Heel leadership has been an important part of this year for me as a pastor, husband, and father. Pastor Corts and Pastor Sparks are providing a great ministry to pastors and leaders in North Carolina.”

Our Mission

Our purpose is to train, encourage, and equip Baptist pastors for greater effectiveness in life and leadership.

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Tar Heel Leadership has resources for all current students and alumni to access at any time.

Podcasts that will inspire and guide pastors on their Biblical journeys.

Books that we recommend for Baptist pastors at any stage of their careers.

Other sites that we trust to give pastors the resources they need.

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