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Welcome to Tar Heel Leadership, the gateway to your transformative journey in pastoral ministry. Based in beautiful North Carolina with 3 convenient locations, Tar Heel Leadership (THL) is dedicated to educating, equipping, and empowering aspiring pastors with the skills, knowledge, and spiritual foundation needed to effectively lead in the church. Become a better pastor today!
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"Participating in THL was an incredible blessing! Every month there was incredibly helpful information for Pastors and the cool part was how it was centered and born from the truth of the Word of God. In addition, one of the best parts was building relationships with other brothers in Christ."

Joshua Reilly

"THL is the best pastor training I have attended. Dr. Corts and the team genuinely care for pastors, and it shows through the teaching, coaching, and interaction with the students. All is done with excellence from the course material, the teaching, the coaching, and even the meals."

David Trump

“Tar Heel Leadership was used by God to be a true balm of healing within my soul during a very difficult time of my ministry life. I experienced loving guidance, correction, and gentle reminders of the high calling of UnderShepherding. The time spent with the facilitators and fellow pastors was truly refreshing."

Dave Cline

"Tar Heel Leadership was by far the most practical and effective pastoral leadership training program I have ever participated in. The information, care, relationships, and coaching that you receive from THL is worth every bit of time, energy, and resources that you put in. Every pastor should go through THL."

Zach McCraw

"Tar Heel Leadership was a blessing to me at a pivotal time in my ministry. After 25 years in full-time ministry, I was presented with many ideas I wish I had learned and applied much earlier in my ministry life."

Mitch Duncan

Our Mission at Tar Heel

At Tar Heel Leadership, our purpose is to train, encourage, and equip Baptist pastors for greater effectiveness in life and leadership. We recognize that vocational ministry is a calling unlike any other; while outsiders may perceive it as merely preaching once a week, we understand its true depth and breadth. Ministry extends far beyond the church doors, encompassing diverse responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities, which is why our pastor training program is designed to address every aspect of pastoral life. THL equips pastors in North Carolina with the tools, knowledge, and foundation necessary for effective ministry leadership. 

Our mission is to prepare pastors-in-training for the multifaceted nature of ministry, empowering aspiring pastors like you to shepherd with excellence and compassion. 

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Upcoming calendar events

August 1, 2024

Alan Malchuk; Dealing with Stress and Burnout in Ministry

September 5, 2024

Mike Sparks; How to stay in ministry and finish well.

Steve Corts; Essentials of Effective Preaching

October 3, 2024

Steve Corts; The Essentials for Leading Change in a Local Church

November 14, 2024

Teacher Todd Unzicker; The Pastor’s Personal Evangelism and Developing a Culture of Evangelism

Graduation; All THL Groups are at Clemmons Campus

One Mission,
Three Locations.

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Tar Heel Leadership is more than just an academic institution; it's a vibrant community of Kingdom-minded individuals passionate about serving God and His people. Whether you're an experienced pastor looking to enhance your leadership skills, or an aspiring minister eager to embark on your journey, we invite you to join our mission and begin your training to become a pastor. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how we can help you fulfill God's calling in your life.

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